How to create new event

27 October 2012 Written by 

Log into the back end by going to the following url:

Click on items...(see image below)

Check the latest event, then click on the "Copy" button in the top bar...(see image below)

Edit "Copy of [title]" by clicking on the title.

Edit the following:

  • Title > Add a suitable title, with the event date
  • Title alias > Delete all text here
  • Published > check the "yes" radio button
  • Enter time and location in the Content
  • Enter address in the content
  • Enter hostess name in the content
  • VERY IMPORTANT!! Creation date > Click on the "publishing and metadata" tab then use the calendar icon and change this to the date of the event for it to appear on the calendar.
  • Finished publishing > Click on the calendar icon and choose a date (3) days after the event date.

Click the "Save & Close" button...


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